Rare Pics of Lionel Messi

Rare Pics of Lionel Messi

Khloe Kardashian is Weight Concious ,,, Check Out Pictures

Enrique Iglesias Album ''Sex and Love'' ready to Release

Thirty Eight years old Enrique Iglesias is going to rock again with his upcoming album ''Sex and Love''. His fans are crazy about his songs and for this album they are not going to wait anymore.

The album will be release after March 18. On ''The Today Show'' Enrique will perform some of his songs from his upcoming album for his fans. Fans are invited to attend the show for free.

Lady Gaga Was Puked On During Her SXSW Show

The South by Southwest (SXSW) 2014 began on Friday, March 7 and ends on Sunday, March 16. Number of performers are here in this big show. Lady Gaga was also there for the perfomance.She started her performance after the Stubb's BBQ and started entertaining the audience.

She came with the different costumes first in the white and than in the
black bikini. While performing Lady gaga invited vomit painter. She drank full bottle of
neon green liquid and throw on the lady gaga while she was playing drums.
this was enjoyed the audiences and she get applause.

Chris Pine Arrested in New Zealand

Thirty three years old Chris Pine arrested for drunk driving in New Zealand. He is charged in New Zealand with DUI.On March 1 he was coming back from a party for his upcoming movie Z for Zachariah.The manager of the bar from which he was coming back said, “Chris Pine arrived here and had his girlfriend Iris Bjork Johannesdottir with him and he spent most of his time with her she flew in that day someone told me,”

Here comes Sophia Bush in Hot Lingerie for 'Maxim' April 2014

Thirty one years old American actress and director hits Maxim April 2014 in hot lingerie. She is excited about the project. On One Tree Hill in Chicago she said,“Well, it’s funny. It’s not often that someone gets a job at 20 and then does it for a decade. Those are the years you’re supposed to be growing and exploring new things… But this show? It feels like the job I was supposed to be doing.”

On watching cop shows for inspiration: “Well, I’ve watched his whole library, but I didn’t sit and cram or anything. Although I did spend my Super Bowl Sunday watching a True Detective marathon on HBO.”

On social media she said,“I realized I could have a dinner party conversation with 15 people, and I could use Twitter to have that same conversation with a million.”

Carmen Electra Covers FHM Magazine in Lingerie

Forty one years old Carmen Electra covers FHM magazine in lingerie, looking sexy in a swim suit.She is an American model, singer, dancer and actress.

On the shoot she said, "I feel more comfortable now," Electra reveals. "Less nervous. I feel like I'm in a really good place in my life and just being in that space makes you feel sexier."

She also said, "I think it's all about embracing yourself," the brunette beauty reveals. "I love being on shoots because you can get into the fantasy of it all. I love getting into new outfits, too. Stuff I wouldn't normally wear."

Khloe Kardashian Amazing New Looks

Khloe Kardashian is ready for the Ricky Rozay concert. With all new look she is looking amazing and sexier than ever. In her Denim shorts and the black top she is spotted on her way. She further added thigh-high leather stiletto boots and jacket to her looks with the stunning black shades. The entire new look is looking a bit racy but her fans are admiring her a lot. She also comes up with a change and this time it is amazing new stuff added to her looks.

Full Beard Styles

You want a beard, have a good one then as we already have discussed that once in a while you must try to grow some beard and answered your questions that whether i should grow a beard or not with effective beard memes. However, jokes aside the beards do look good but the main problem is to choose your own distinctive style which matches your face perfectly we have shared some latest beard styles in our previous post and now in this post we are going to discuss the full beard styles for men. The reason being that, full beard is the most natural style of the beards and it almost looks good every time.
i love beard image
Love the Beard

A quick fact is that the fuller beards are attractive and they hide most of the minor odd features in your facial structure. Plus a remarkable improvement is in skin tone and health with better hygiene of the beard. And the natural growth of the full beard is the most natural and suitable style for you, of-course you don't want the mustaches so big that they get chewed in your mouth, so a little trimming and that is the way to go. A fuller beard make you look more mature and amazingly so, people start to take you seriously. Don't believe me, try it yourself then. Plus you get this extra boost in masculinity all of a sudden, which is the best thing to get from your beard. Imagine being the new alpha in the town!